Polished Concrete

If you are tired of outdated flooring and want something that looks rich and sophisticated without going over your budget, an excellent solution is polished concrete. Among the flooring solutions that have entered the market in recent years, polished concrete has quickly become a preferred choice for millions of people, and for good reason.

One of the primary attractions to polished concrete floors is the fact that waxing is never required to keep the floors bright and shiny. Whether applied to a new or existing concrete surface, polished floors maintain a high-gloss finish that is simply gorgeous. However, there are other reasons that polished concrete might be the right option for you.

For one thing, polished concrete is extremely strong and durable. Because of this, the surface is perfect for high-traffic areas. Although polished concrete is popular among homeowners, it is also the first choice of many business owners. This type of flooring is seen in retail stores, hair salons, automobile dealership showrooms, office buildings, and even warehouses.

On their own, polished concrete floors are beautiful, but if you want something unique, you can have the floor stained to replicate polished stone. As imagined, everyone who visits your home will be envious. You also have a choice as to the degree of shine. You can go with a satin finish, which is shiny yet subtle, or a high-gloss finish that makes a dramatic statement.

In addition to aesthetics, the sheen of polished concrete floors affects the level of maintenance required. Obviously, a floor with a softer sheen is going to hide dirt better than a high-gloss floor. However, no matter what level of shine you prefer, this type of floor only requires occasional damp mopping with no waxing.

By choosing polished concrete floors for your home, be prepared to enjoy many incredible benefits that go well beyond enhanced aesthetics. Compared to other luxurious flooring, polished concrete is cost-efficient. Therefore, you have a floor that looks rich while spending less than you would with other flooring solutions. Especially when looking at the long-term durability of polished concrete floors, you really see the value as it relates to savings.

Polished concrete floors are also perfect in homes where people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems live since it does not harbor dust and dirt. This type of floor is available in a wide range of color options. Regardless of the look you want, polished concrete floors installed by Eagle Rock Concrete Construction will completely transform your home.