Exposed Aggregate

Are you looking for a unique, innovative, and natural way to enhance your home? If so, exposed aggregate may be the ideal solution. At Eagle Rock Concrete Construction, we offer a variety of design options for all concrete surfaces, including exposed aggregate. With this, an otherwise unremarkable piece of concrete is stripped to reveal the natural beauty beneath the surface.

The one thing that cannot be denied with concrete exposed aggregate is the magnificent effect. This is also a more affordable option compared to stamped concrete. Another benefit of choosing concrete exposed aggregate is that the surface is nonskid, rugged, and highly resistant to weather changes and high traffic. In addition, this decorative concrete solution can be used as-is or coupled with other treatments, including staining, stamping, and integral coloring, making it extremely versatile.

You will also love the fact that concrete exposed aggregate requires very little maintenance. To keep the surface maintained, only an occasional cleaning is required. Then, to ensure long lasting beauty while extending the life of the concrete, proper sealing is recommended. Overall, concrete exposed aggregate, with its endless texture and color variations, is an outstanding way to create an entirely new aesthetic for your home.

With exposed aggregate, you have more options for stylish finishes, thanks to beautiful cement colors, decorative pebbles, stones, sand and so on. To produce exposed aggregate, concrete is placed with the preferred enhancement in plain or colored concrete backgrounds prior to the surface being exposed and sealed. Once complete, you have a gorgeous finish that offers low maintenance and years of enjoyment.

Due to the way that exposed aggregate is produced, the surface is nonslip. As a result, this has become an increasingly popular choice for outdoor areas with a lot of traffic, including patio floors, sidewalks, swimming pool decks, and, of course, driveways. Even ramps can be transformed using exposed aggregate.

A concrete surface with an off-white or colored background can be complemented with the natural texture of stone, pebbles, and other elements. Using the services of Eagle Rock Concrete Construction, we can produce an extremely detailed and customized design for your exposed aggregate, something that meets your specifications while being 100% unique.

Because of increased durability and a longer lifespan, many homeowners are choosing exposed aggregate driveways, patio floors, pool decks, and other outdoor surfaces over regular concrete, gravel and pavers. Providing years of experience and expertise, you will be thrilled with the remarkable design created by Eagle Rock Concrete Construction.