Hiring now

As the fastest growing decorative concrete contractor
in the Livingston area Eagle Rock Concrete Construction is always looking for talented and energetic individuals!


What does Eagle Rock Concrete Construction have to offer its employees?

  • Competitive wages and bonus incentives
  • Opportunity for advancement and personal growth
  • Modern tools, equipment and materials
  • Safe and enjoyable working environment where you work side by side with the best in industry

What are we looking for?

  • Energetic individuals who are pride of their work and love contributing to bring joy to clients
  • People who can multitask and work efficiently
  • People who are responsible, hardworking, team players
  • Open minded for new concepts and ideas

What positions are available?

  • Concrete Worker (cement finishing and formwork)
  • Decorative Concrete Technician (Stamped Concrete, Acid Staining)

Is experience required?

To be eligible for an Eagle Rock Concrete Construction as a Concrete Worker and Decorative Concrete Technician, yes, experience, is required.


Here’s how to apply:

Call for an interview: 810-227-5380

Email your resume: erconcrete1977@gmail.com