Colored Concrete

The great thing about colored concrete is that you can choose something subtle for an outdoor project to blend in perfectly with natural colors or go with a bolder, more vibrant color that makes a dramatic statement inside the home. Of course, with so many options for concrete stains, you can achieve virtually any aesthetic for your outdoor space.

What makes our colored concrete unique is that we create a two-tone effect by using a release agent. Although we currently offer approximately 20 of the most popular colors, if you are interested in something different and unique, our team of professionals can customize something accordingly. As far as releases, we have 14 standard colors, but these too can be customized based on your personal preference.

You have an endless list of color and design options. Whether you are building a new home, adding a new outdoor patio, or updating an existing home or outdoor space, the right concrete colored stain performs miracles. Along with the wide range of colors offered by us at Eagle Rock Concrete Construction, you can also select different textures and patterns that look like slate, stone, brick, or flagstone. With almost 40 years of industry experience, we use the latest techniques, highest-quality materials, and unrivaled expertise to ensure the results exceed your expectations.

Colored concrete stain is an excellent solution for a variety of projects. As an example, you can use several different colors in a side-by-side configuration to separate a large area. Another option involves pairing colored concrete stain with innovative design techniques, including saw cutting, stamping, and so on. Not only is this stunning, but it also creates a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Along with being an excellent way to enhance the appearance of different indoor and outdoor areas, colored concrete actually helps hide unsightly stains on driveways. Dirt, grease, tire marks, and other stains diminish the appearance of the home. A relatively easy fix is to add a dark integral color to the exposed aggregate.

If preferred, you can leave concrete in its natural gray state, but considering that colored concrete adds personality and character, there is no good reason not to make the change. You will marvel at the transformation simply by choosing the right concrete stain. To keep the surface looking bright and new and to extend the life of the surface, a colored concrete sealer should be applied every few years.

By having Eagle Rock Concrete Construction complete your colored concrete project, you will have a gorgeous space that lasts for decades. As far as maintenance, requirements vary according to the type of color and conditions of exposure. When working with Eagle Rock Concrete Construction, we will provide information so that you are aware of the correct way to clean and maintain your new colored concrete surface.