Our Services

For almost 40 years, our three-generation team at Eagle Rock Concrete Construction has worked hard for and remained dedicated to every customer. Using our extensive knowledge and expertise in the concrete industry, we strive to meet, if not exceed, every customer’s expectations. To transform the appearance and functionality of homes and businesses, we offer a broad range of services for multiple applications, horizontal and vertical, as well as indoors and outdoors.

Whether changing the aesthetics of an indoor or outdoor space, we are 100% confident in the services we provide. We can replace existing concrete that looks old and drab, restore outdated concrete in good condition, and install brand-new concrete for any surface.

To help you choose the best color and pattern for your decorative concrete project, a company representative will offer personalized assistance. With the selection process complete, our highly skilled professionals will replace, restore, or install decorative concrete according to high company and industry standards. In addition to conventional designs, we offer customization for one-of-a-kind solutions.

We specialize in providing customers with many unique and exciting options. At Eagle Rock Concrete Construction, we always provide an exceptional customer experience, which is why our customers are thrilled with the results.


Interior Flooring
Retail Business Flooring

Pool Decks

Fire Pits
Barbeque Islands

Parking Lots
Garage & Barn Flooring